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About Hendesehane

         "Hendesehane" is the name given to the old Turkish technical and engineering schools. In Turkish the word "Muhendis" (Engineer) originates from the word of "Hendese" (Geometry / Calculation). Originally "Muhendis" means a person who is specialized in Geometry and calculations. The word "Hane" means "House". As a result, it can be interpreted that "Hendesehane" means "The house of engineers".

         As a group of engineers, scientists and technologists, we formed our house "Hendesehane" for the development of high-tech products.

We constantly seek for innovation.

           We have a talent pool actively focusing on Virtual Reality Systems, Agricultural Automation, Robotics, Energy and Biotechnology.

       Our mission is to establish ground-breaking, innovative and highly efficient technological products for our concerning sectors and our vision is to be recognized as a successful and innovative technology development studio both nationally and internationally.


January 22, 2014 Nefes pilot-run with Survios / Project Holodeck
  We will be executing a pilot-run for Survios (formerly Project Holodeck)
January 21, 2014 Nefes will be on HWTrek.com
  Visit http://www.nefes-devices.com/nfsvr001.pdf for details.
June 21, 2013 We completed our first VR prototype
  We call it "Nefes". Visit nefes-devices.com
April 20, 2008 Turkish Section is on service!
  Hendesehane's Website's Turkish section is on service.
April 19, 2008 Website On-Air!

Hendesehane's Website is ready and on air!

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